HGV Direct Vision Standard

Prevent Incidents with Pedestrians & Cyclists

With the increase of fuel costs and views on health and fitness, more and more cyclists and pedestrians are sharing the roads with our vehicles. With this and the blind spots down the nearside on larger vehicles, the dangers of accidents causing injury and deaths has increased.

We have all had it where a cyclist will nip up the inside between the curb and the vehicle. If this is not seen by the driver then the cyclist is virtually invisible.

If the vehicle is turning left, the driver is only aware of the cyclist when he pops out in front when the traffic lights change to green.

Often cyclists are not aware when they nip up the inside of a vehicle, that it is turning left at a set of traffic lights

Cyclists are not the only ones in danger. Pedestrians always seem to be in a hurry and often step up too close to the curb and sometimes onto the road. They too don’t understand that a large vehicle turning the corner can often cut across the curb.

The Autowatch AASDS Pedstrian / Cyclist Detection system is an ultrasonic sensor system specifically designed to be a warning system not only for the driver but also to make the cyclist aware of a turning vehicle.

Using an ultrasonic detection system, it can give the driver adequate warning time to adjust his manoeuvre. The pedestrians and cyclists will get an optional warning too, to allow them to step back and to move away from a dangerous position.

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System Operation


The AACDS turns on when the ignition is turned on. When the vehicle slows to below 10 Mph, the system is activated. There is NO audible tone. The GREEN display light flashes once to indicate that the system is ACTIVE.

Whilst activated and the vehicle approaches within 600mm of an obstacle, the GREEN display light will illuminate with NO AUDIO to how close the object is.

Whilst activated and the vehicle approaches within 450mm of an obstacle, the AMBER display light will illuminate with NO AUDIO to how close the object is.

Whilst activated and the vehicle approaches within 300mm of an obstacle, the buzzer/display will give a CONSTANT audible tone and will illuminate the RED, AMBER and GREEN display light to indicate that the object is close enough to cause DAMAGE. The driver should STOP and recalculate the approach.

Whilst activated and the vehicle speed increases above 10 Mph, the system is deactivated. There is No audible tone. The system flashes the GREEN light twice on the display to indicate that the system is in STANDBY.

If the vehicle is stationary, the system will continue to be activated until the hand brake is engaged (optional). This will give a DOUBLE flash of the GREEN light on the display to notify the driver that the system is in STANDBY.

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The GR-01 Left Turn Warning Speaker is a stand-alone waterproof speaker. The output is a voice message warning “Caution – Vehicle turning left”. The GR-01 is used to warn cyclists and pedestrian at the near side of the vehicle of the intention to turn left reducing the risk of accidents involving cyclist and pedestrians. The system also connects to the AASDS Side Detection System that will only output the voice message if there is an obstacle detected next to the vehicle.


  • 9 to 36 V Operation
  • 97 dB Sound Output Level (+- 3 dB)
  • Completely Waterproof IP68
  • Nylon Plastic Housing
  • Mute Wire Input
  • Output For Controlling Lights etc.
  • 102mm x 40mmx 70mm
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Kit Included

We know that there are many variations of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV). This is why we designed 4 different ultrasonic sensors for our Side Detection System (AASDS) and Corner Detection System (AACDS).

The latest addition to our range is the Rubber Adjustable sensor. Designed to be mounted at any angle allowing the installation engineer to adjust the sensor to the correct orientation. The rubber blocks reduce vibrations to the sensor allowing the sensor to be mounted where other sensors would false trigger.

We also have a stainless steel black powder coated bracket that can be used with both the Rubber Straight and Rubber Angled sensors. These can also be used to mount sensors at different angles and on different parts of the vehicle. 


  • Rubber Straight 22mm Sensor (AARSS)
  • Rubber Angled 22mm Sensor (AARAS)
  • Plastic Under-Mount 22mm Sensor (AAUMS)
  • Rubber Under-Mount Adjustable 22mm Sensor (AAUMSA)
  • Stainless Steel Black Powder Coated Bracket for Rubber 22mm Sensors

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