Autowatch ATT S5 Tracker with D-iD monitored by Global Telemetrics


The Autowatch S5 DiD T2 Thatcham Category S5 Tracker is the all new system from Autowatch which uses an encrypted Bluetooth pairing on your smartphone to deactivate the tracking system.  

The Autowatch S5 is also supplied with 2 Driver Recognition Tags, often referred to as ADR cards, tags or driver cards. Either the paired smart phone or one of these tags must be present with the driver to deactivate the tracking system each time the vehicle is started. 

If the tag or phone are not present, the Smartrack S5 Tracker located in your vehicle will silently alert the Secure Operating Centre (SOC) who monitor the system 365 days a year. They will will inturn ensure you are contacted within minutes to confirm the vehicles location.

In the event of a theft, the Autowatch S5 Tracker has the optional ability to remotely immobilise the vehicle (S5 Plus model only). This prevents the thief restarting the vehicle once stopped. We do think this is advisable as it maximises the security of the system however it is not required for insurance approval but some insurers may request the immobilisation.

Once a theft has being confirmed and a Crime Reference Number has being given to the Secure Operating Centre, staff will then liaise with the appropriate Police force, guide officers to the vehicles location and confirm your vehicle is secure.

Recovery of your vehicle will be arranged on your behalf, back to your registered address.


Your vehicle is live tracked as soon as we give you your keys back on completion of the installation. Payment for subscription is not required until this point where you will be contacted by Smartrack either by phone or email for payment. Once the payment is made Smartrack will email you your Welcome Pack along with your official Certifiacte of Installation for your insurer. 

Smartphone D-iD App

For years Cat 5 and S5 Tracking systems have relied on the vehicles driver carrying the Driver ID Cards on their person. This is something that has always been a requirement of Thatcham, until now. 

Knowing that carrying these tags can be cumbersome for some vehicle owners. Smartrack developed the D-iD App which uses sophisticated technology along with Artificial Intelligence to confirm authorised drivers without the need to carry a driver tag. It is all done via the app installed on your smartphone. Simply by having your smartphone in your vehicle the tracking system can be set in one of two modes, Automatic or Manual. Manual will send a push notification to the phone, on each start of the engine for you to acknowledge and mark the vehicle as “safe” or if in Automatic then the just simply deactivate the S5 with no involvement from the driver.  

    Smartrack S5 App.   Smartrack  S5 D-iD App 2

Prefer Driver ID Cards? 

No problem, your Autowatch S5 D-iD Tracker is also supplied with two, rechargable credit card style Driver ID cards.  


  • Thatcham Approved Category S5 Tracker
  • Automatic Driver Recognition System by way of Driver ID Cards or Smartphone App
  • Securely monitored 24 hours per day by a dedicted control centre
  • Uses secure Smartphone App for driver verification meaning no Tags potentially required to carry
  • Supplied with 2 Driver ID Cards with the ability to add many more (99)
  • Battery Status Alerts  
  • IP67 Waterproof Device
  • Low Vehicle Battery sends SMS Text  
  • Vehicle Battery Disconnection Alert – You will be contacted by the monitoring staff 
  • Tow Away Alert – Movement of the vehicle without the engine running will automatically generate an alert
  • Autowatch S5 can be removed and refit to your new vehicle
  • Small and Compact unit with internal aerials 
  • Approved for all vehicles 
  • Standard 36 Month Warranty
  • Optional Remote Immobilisation facility allows the vehicle to be remotely immobilised upon Police request.
  • Personal Online Account 
  • Direct Debit Option Available For Subscriptions (Minimum 12 month contract)

Current Subscription Costs (correct April 23)

 Annual2 Years3 YearsDurationDirect Debit 

Autowatch S5 D-iD (Thatcham S5)

Autowatch S5+ D-iD (Thatcham S5)£199£329£429£749


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