Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm Override Touch Key


Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm Touch Key for Elddis Caravans

Blue Override key for programming and adding extra sensors


Autowatch 650800 Alarm Override Touch Key for 650 Caravan Alarm

Found on Elddis, Buccaneer and Compass Caravans



  • Price is for 1 touch key only
  • Used as a programming key for Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm
  • Compatible with Elddis, Compass and Buccaneer alarm systems
  • Self learning with simple procedure (included)
  • Can be used to override alarm system in case of remote control failure or loss
  • NOTE – An existing working blue touch key is required to code a new touch key in. Please get in touch if you don’t have an existing working touch key.

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