All Car Audio - Amplifiers


In car amplifiers are the best way of boosting and enhancing the sound to the car speakers in a vehicle. They are available with a number of different channels. 6 channel, 4 channel, 2 channel and mono or single channel – otherwise known as a monoblock amplifier. Manufacturers include Alpine, JL Audio, MTX, Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood and JVC. Power ratings are shown as max or RMS. RMS meaning Root Mean Squared of the total wattage. This is the true value of power of an amplifier otherwise known as continuous or constant power rating. The maximum or max rating is the highest value that the amp will reach. An amp wiring kit is required for professional installation. This connects to the 12v battery power, 12v remote switch and ground or earth. RCA or phone cables are also required for full connectivity. Amplifiers tend to be supplied with their own terminals and amp screws.